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Capital: Brasília

State Population: 1.672.876
Area: 5.822.1 km²
Economy: industries, agriculture, commerce, public administration

The Federal District flag was instituted by "N" Decree No. 1090, on August 25th 1969. Idealized by the poet Guilherme de Almeida, authority in Heraldry, it presents a quadrangular shield of green and yellow colors, on a white background symbolizing peace. Four arrows, alluding to the Indian's arrows, consecrated elements of Brazil's origin are arranged from the center to the North-South and the East-West, having been described by the author as "the centrifugal action of power".

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Alvorada (39K)
Nice pic of Brasilia B&W (32K)
Brasilia (29K)
Palácio dos Arcos-Itamarati (18K)
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Brasilia, memoria da construcao
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Capital: Goiânia

State Population: 4.170.906
Area: 341.289.5 km²
Economy: commerce, industries, agriculture, cattle raising

The flag of the state of Goiás was created during the government of Desembargador Joao Alves de Castro, at that time State President, through Law No. 650 of July 30th, 1919, having been accepted the model created by Joaquim Bonifácio de Siqueira.

The Flag is formed by alternated diagonal stripes in green and yellow, four of each color, commencing with a green one. At a blue oblong, upon which shines in horizontal direction, the left superior angle, in silver the Southern cross.

At the same form as on the National Flag, the green represents the exuberance of the forests and the yellow, the color of gold, the richness which, in its profundities, is hidden in the soil of Goias.

The Southern Cross, this so beautiful constellation which gave to Brazil its first names - "Vera Cruz" and "Santa Cruz" - could not fail to appear upon the pavilion of the State, because at the fair nights of Goias we admire it as a sparkling and brilliant splendor of the indigo blue sky. And so it proudly exhibits itself upon the blue oblong, symbol of the beauty of the skies of Goias.

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Caldas Novas


Capital: Cuiabá

State Population: 2.177.602
Area: 906.806.9 km²
Economy: agriculture, cattle raising, extracting (rubber, lumber )

Instituted officially by decree n¡ 2, of January 31St, 1890, of the State Government, the Flag of Mato Grosso with the denomination of the Private Flag of the Federal State of Mato Grosso.

It is made up of a blue rectangle, with a white lozenge inscribed, and inside this, a yellow star in a green disc.

The blue represents the immense sky of Mato Grosso, the white, peace; the green, the rich vegetation of the State; and the yellow, the gold that caused the pioneers great fascination.

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Capital: Campo Grande

State Population: 1.148.895
Area: 358.158.4 km²
Economy: agriculture, mining, cement

Using his attributions, the Governor of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul instituted the Flag of the State on January 1 St. 1979. The Flag, created by Mauro Miguel Munhoz, has been described by its author as follows: "Our symbol is the equilibrium, the fortitude and the serenity. We are the golden star which shines on the blue sky of hope, symbolizing the richness of our labor.

The forest and the lanes of our State represent a challenge and at the same time, the conscience of preservation of our green, our greatest treasure which is nature.

We are the State of equilibrium, where siderurgical chimneys and forest areas will peacefully coexist side by side.

Between the green and the blue, in the practical! convergence of all our attitudes, we are the white binder of the future, the serene purity of friendship among people".

Pictures of Mato Grosso do Sul and its industries...
Campo Grande (67K)
Pantanal Matogrossense (33K)
Vaqueiros (63K)

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