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December 22 - January 19

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and its symbol is the Mountain Goat. Capricorn is an Earth sign, conservative and ambitious. The one trait that best describes those born under this sign is ambition. Their lives are devoted to achieving something, whether it be an intellectual discovery, meeting a personal commitment , fulfilling a business obligation, or some other lofty objective. Capricorns have a tireless drive to accomplish their mission and they plod on methodically until they succeed. Like their symbol, the mountain goat, they are steady and sure-footed, and take few risks on the way.

Capricorns are highly intelligent and take naturally to positions of authority. They are excellent administrators and use every tool at their disposal to organize, plan, and problem solve their way to their goal. Capricorns constantly strive towards security, and they regard hard work and financial rewards as ways to secure their well-being. They only desire money because it is a guarantee against whatever the uncertain future holds.

Capricorns are very confident and have great faith in their own abilities. Often, they feel that they can only depend on themselves, and this is sometimes misinterpreted by others who think them cold and detached. This is far from true, however, as Capricorns can be very sympathetic and understanding. Just when you least expect it, Capricorns can show you an excellent sense of humor which is wry, witty, and very funny.


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