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When Gemini and Sagittarius come together, it can be a truly spectacular match! These partners are highly compatible, and although the pair will encounter trouble spots in the relationship, they are often able to work out differences. Sagittarius is an explorer and a pioneer, and Gemini's intellectual approach adds a different dimension to the pair's experiences. Both partners enjoy new sensations. Gemini is more than a little bit flighty, and Sagittarius is always looking at everything but what's right in front of them.

Gemini and Sagittarius make very good friends, as well as lovers. They understand each other, and both view life with optimism and enthusiasm. Problems are rare, but sometimes Sagittarius must be careful to think before they speak and say something too blunt or hurtful. Even when they do have problems, these partners can forgive and forget easily. Both can get over arguments quickly, and neither hold grudges.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Mercury's androgyny and Jupiter's masculinity make these Signs compatible. Jupiter is about philosophy, instructing and understanding, so Sagittarius likes to understand new and exciting things. Mercury is all about quick wit and invention. Whenever Gemini comes up with a new idea -- as they so often do -- Sagittarius is eager to explore with their partner and learn about this new concept.

Gemini is an Air Sign and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign. This partnership has lots of action! There is always something going on, and this tends to be a very heated and passionate relationship. When it's good, it's good, but when it's bad it's about loud quarrels and wounded feelings due to the polarity of these signs. In this partnership, there's sometimes a competitive undertone and a question of who is taking charge. Both signs have excess energy. Although they may disagree often, their differences of opinion don't last long -- Gemini is too busy moving on to the next challenge to hold a grudge, and Sagittarius can forgive anything but a lack of respect from their Gemini partner.

Gemini and Sagittarius are both Mutable Signs, thus extremely compatible. When these partners work together, they will easily come to agreements about who gets to take the credit for a specific achievement. Both will enjoy the recognition, and both are happy to be in the background too. These signs need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, but if Gemini gets bored with a project, Sagittarius might move on a bit later so they can learn all they want to know from the experience.

The best aspect of a Gemini-Sagittarius relationship is their mutual interest in cultivating knowledge, utilizing intellect and turning it into action. They are well matched in their enthusiasm, energy and drive. Common interests and similar personalities makes them a compatible couple


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